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Energy Performance Certificate

Are you planning on selling or renting out your property in Spain? You will need to ensure you have obtained an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).Failing to own an EPC can result in an already agreed sale becoming void, with potential for the buyer to claim compensation.

It also effects both long and short time rentals, for short term lets it is harder to regulate but for those renting out their property for a period of four months or longer, proof of the EPC will be necessary. If you fail to provide the tenant with the information from the EPC, then your contract can become void, the government can fine you and the tenant could claim compensation from you

In 2013, Spain introduced a new law obliging property owners to get energy efficiency certificates (EPC) before they can sell or rent their homes, in line with other European countries. The energy efficiency certificate determines an energy rating for each property with a scale ranging from “A” (the most efficient) to “G” (the least efficient).

The outcome of the test will not require the owner to change anything (although it is encouraged) within the property. However, if changes should be made they will often save the owner money in the long term

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