Foreign Currency Exchange

Let Home Finance help you move your money swiftly and securely across the world – while saving you money at the same time. 

Foreign Currency ExchangeIf you’re buying – or selling – a property in Spain, the financial process is straightforward, but many people lose money by not planning their currency exchange in advance.

If you leave things until the last-minute, and take what can appear to be the simple option, transferring your money through one of the high-street banks could end up losing you money on high bank fees and potentially unfavourable exchange rates.

Let one of our expert Home Finance advisors talk you through the process and help you set up an account with one of our panel of specialist currency partners in Spain, who are authorised and regulated by the FCA, and can help you make substantial savings compared to a normal bank.

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Why Exchange Rates Matter

The GBP-EUR exchange rate fluctuates all the time.

Depending on when you transfer your money, you could be paying thousands of pounds more – or less – than you first thought.

Compounding the loss in the example shown, if you end up paying via your high-street bank, you could be at the mercy of the currency exchange rates they use on that day, whether they are favourable or not, – and that’s before you even factor in the charges many banks make.

What Next?

Our advisors will assess your personal situation, talk to our panel of parners, and work with the chosen currency specialist to guide you through the transfer process and ensure your transfer is made smoothly and safely.

Exchange example:

Let’s say you have your heart set on purchasing a lovely property in Villamartín for €195,000. On the day you decide to buy, the exchange rate is £1 / €1.20.

If you arrange your currency while the rate remains the same, your property cost is £162,500

If you wait until the last minute to arrange your currency and the rate drops to £1 / €1.15, the price you pay is £169,565.

That’s a loss of £7,065!

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