Life Insurance in Spain

A comprehensive life insurance policy can ensure you peace of mind. It offers knowledge that your family and loved ones are financially protected in the case of an accident or death. In the case of any eventuality, we will take care of all the complete process with a complete 24-hour assistance service, year round. Our main insurance coverage offers payment in the eventuality of death but other coverages can be added at additional costs.

Why choose us for Life Insurance in Spain?

  • Our comprehensive life insurance policy integrates a full range of coverage so that no matter what happens, you will be completely protected.
  • Accidents, including transport and travel coverage.
  • Damage coverage due to pollution risks.
  • Serious illness coverage.
  • Other additional coverage also available.
Insurance in Spain - Life Insurance in Spain

Additional Coverage

The main insurance coverage is payment in the case of death but several additional coverages can also be added. Therefore accidental death, death due to a road-traffic accident, total and permanent disability for all types of work, disability due to an accident and disability due to a road-traffic accident as well as serious illnesses, among others, can be fully insured.

  • Our life policy without frontiers has repatriation cover including a return ticket for a companion designated by the relatives.
  • Policy can be contracted up to 70 years with death coverage until 80 years.
  • Payments can be paid monthly.
  • If the insured party dies along with his or her spouse and they have children younger than 18, the beneficiaries will receive an additional sum equal to the same amount of the insurance owed.

With our life insurance policy, a percentage of the sum insured for death will be advanced to cover burial costs. Once all of the documentation is received and in order, an additional amount may also be advanced. This advance is in order to pay taxes related to inheritance, as beneficiaries of the Will.

In case of any eventuality we take care of all the process with our 24-hour assistance service, every day of the year.

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