Spanish Health Insurance

Spain is one of the most popular destinations for Britons looking to live out their autumn years in the sun. All residents in Spain have access to the free public Spanish health insurance, although private insurance may be necessary in certain situations. Here’s what to expect if you need medical care.

What you need to know as an expatriate living in Spain.

Spanish health insurance and healthcare rank amongst the best in the world and are funded by social security payments. Therefore the majority of residents do not require private insurance to access Spanish healthcare. However, some additional health insurance cover may be required. Private Spanish health insurance can offer quicker medical treatment in private facilities.

If you do not qualify for free Spanish health insurance, then you may have to organise private health care. This means you may lead to costly medical expenses.  We advise you to sort out your health insurance as soon as you get to Spain.

Insurance in Spain - Spanish Health Insurance

On 10 July 2012 the Spanish government introduced details of the new residency requirements for all EU citizens, including British nationals. Under the new rules, EU citizens applying for residency in Spain may be required to produce evidence of private or public healthcare insurance. More details about the application process and documentation you need are available on the website of the Spanish Ministry for Work and Social Security.

How do you know if you qualify for entry into the Spanish healthcare system?

  • If you are a resident in Spain and work in employment or self-employment and pay social security contributions.
  • You are a resident in Spain and receiving certain state benefits.
  • If you are a resident in Spain and recently divorced or separated from a partner registered with social security.
  • You are a state pensioner.
  • If you are staying temporarily in Spain and have an EHIC card

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

EU residents are entitled to free health care while in Spain for the first three months of their stay, so long as they can provide an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) which entitles them to receive medical treatment at the same cost as a Spanish national. This will cover any immediate treatments needed. Medical conditions that do not require immediate treatment might incur charges. The EHIC card is not valid for health care in Spain if the holder is a Spanish resident.

Where to get an EHIC (European Healthcare Insurance Card) – CLICK HERE. 

The EHIC card replaces the old E111 form, which was discontinued in 2005. So if you still have an E111, it’s no longer valid.

S1 Form

Anyone who is in receipt of a UK state pension, long-term incapacity benefit or bereavement benefit will be eligible for the same medical treatment as a local. In order to register for this, you need to obtain an S1 form from the International Pension Centre (IPC) in Newcastle. This needs to be filled in and presented, along with your Registration Certificate (Certificado de registro) and your local resident certificate (Certificado de Empadronamiento), and passport to your local INSS office. They will issue you with an accreditation to take to your local health centre.

Once you have your S1 form and have registered it in Spain, you are also entitled to return to England to receive treatment for free, just like someone who is ordinarily resident in England. Since patients in England are required to make contributions towards the cost of their NHS care, such as paying prescription costs or dental charges, you are required to make the same contributions.

Dental Care

Visits to the dentist must be paid for in Spain and are not available under the state system except in certain circumstances. Children aged six to 15 have the right to a free dental health programme. Private dental work in Spain tends to be cheaper than private dentistry in the UK.

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