Energy and Habitation Certification

An Energy and Habitation Performance Certificate (EPC) is a report that is issued detailing how efficient a home is regarding energy consumption. An EPC document must be obtained for all property in Spain that is going to be sold and/or is to be rented out to a new tenant for more than four months.

Why choose us to obtain your EPC in Spain?

  • We will arrange for a fully licensed architect to visit your property in order to complete the necessary documentation to obtain an EPC.
  • Prepare all documentation and register with the statutory authorities.
  • Ensure all taxes are paid in full (as required).
  • Provide a fully certificated and stamped energy efficiency certificate (EPC) to you or your solicitor.
Energy and Habitation Certification

Energy and Habitation Certification

Spain has introduced a new law (Real Decreto 235/2013) obliging property owners to get energy efficiency certificates (EPC) before they can sell or rent their homes, in line with other European countries. The energy efficiency certificate determines an energy rating for each property with a scale ranging from “A” (the most efficient) to “G” (the least efficient).

The energy efficiency certificate is a report issued that details how efficient a home is regarding energy consumption. The decree establishes the requirements to make available for buyers and tenants an energy efficiency certificate providing objective information on the energy characteristics of the existing building. This allows potential buyers or lessors to take the information provided into consideration prior to signing a lease.

Habitation Certificate (Certificate of First Occupancy)

All new properties in Spain are issued with a Habitation Certificate (Certificate of First Occupancy).  This document shows that the property is registered correctly and that the builder has fulfilled the necessary legal obligations.  This document is issued by the local Town Hall.  The Habitation Certificate is a requirement to enable the registration and changeover of the utility services.  This document is renewable after a certain period of time, dependant on the area, and is later know as Certificate of Second occupancy.  If you are selling your property and require this Certificate, then contact us for expert advice.

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