Spanish Wills and Inheritance

If you own a property in Spain, there are several reasons why it is essential to have a Spanish Will and Testament drawn up in order to distribute exclusively your assets in Spain in the event of a bereavement. A Spanish Will and Testament will not overrule your national Will and Testament.

Why choose us for your Spanish Will and Testament?

  • We provide all of the information needed to make a legal Spanish Will and Testament.
  • Help ensure that inheritors pay the minimum amount of inheritance tax.
  • Calculate how much the inheritance tax might be.
  • Organise the appointment at the notary.
  • Review the content of the Will prior to signing.
  • Attend the signing of the Will at the Notary.
Spanish Wills and Inheritance

Spanish Wills

Spanish inheritance laws are different to other European countries. Having a will that meets your needs, can save a lot of time and stress to your dependents and beneficiaries during a difficult time. As it can be executed almost immediately, a Spanish Will and Testament will make things much easier and even prevent your inheritors from incurring higher expenses due to the penalties from the Spanish Tax office for late payment of the Inheritance tax.

We at HomeLegal can help you ensure that your Spanish assets are dealt with according to your wishes and will take into account your specific circumstances, ensuring that inheritance tax liabilities are kept to a minimum. With our fully comprehensive service you will receive all of the relevant information required to have your Spanish Will and Testament drawn up. After reviewing it with you and arranging a date with the Public Notary for it to be signed, we will also translate for you on the day so as to make sure that you fully understand and agree with its content.

Signed Will and Testament

Once the Will and Testament has been signed, the details are sent by the Notary who witnessed it to the Central Registry of Last Wills in Madrid for safekeeping. Your beneficiaries will therefore always have access to a copy of it should the need ever arise.

The Inheritance process is much shorter under these circumstances and likewise the access to funds deposited in bank accounts as, unlike other countries, they are frozen in Spain until the Inheritance tax is settled with the tax authorities.

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